SignalRecovery Model 9210

SynkTek AB develops precision measurement instrumentation and is the distributor for Ametek Signal Recovery products in the Nordic region.

Lock-in amplifers

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Signal Recovery originated from the Princeton Applied Research, EG&G products for scientific instrumentation.  They are the inventors of the lock-in amplifier.  A lock-in amplifier is an instrument with dual capability.  It can recover signals in the presence of an overwhelming noise background or, alternatively, it can provide high resolution measurements of relatively clean signals over several orders of magnitude and frequency. [read more]

Signal Recovery Model 9210

SignalRecovery Model 9210

The Model 9210 is a compact multichannel lock-in amplifier which uses the latest FPGA technology to deliver an instrument which can make complex AC and DC measurements on up to ten different analog signals. In addition it can generate excitation signals to drive the experiment, as well as measure the current delivered by these signals. It is therefore ideally suited to making direct impedance measurements on samples such as superconductors or in material analysis, as well as for use in optical, calorimetric, AC susceptibility, and many other experiments. [read more]


SignalRecovery Model 5402

Signal Recovery offers a full line of voltage and current preamplifiers including low noise, wideband, and differential input.  All Signal Recovery’s preamplifiers are designed to work with Signal Recovery lock-in amplifiers or as stand- alone signal enhancing units. [read more]

Other products and services

Electronics design

With a long experience in analog electronics design, SynkTek offers customized solutions for precision measurement needs. [read more]