Signal Recovery 7210

This product is obsolete and not available anymore.

Model 7210

The Signal Recovery Model 7210 provides a different dimension to lock-in Amplifier design. Until the introduction of the Model 7210, instruments have been restricted to a single signal channel, allowing only one, or at most two, signals to be measured at any one time. The Model 7210, with its use of new technology, allows up to 32 signals to be measured simultaneously. What is more, units can be linked together to give more detection channels. For example, four units give 128 channels, while sixteen would give 512 channels.

This technological development opens new research avenues and experimental arrangements. A typical use of this instrument would be in simultaneous spectroscopy experiments. In such experiments, a sample would be excited using a known frequency and multiple detectors would provide emission/absorption measurements at each required wavelength.

  • Simultaneous Spectroscopy
  • Field Mapping
  • Superconductivity Tests
  • Pump-probe experiments
  • Simultaneous Impedance Measurements
  • Simultaneous Scanning