Multichannel lock-in measurement system

Our flexible lock-in platform for highest requirements in research and development...

  • Up to 5 modules
  • Noise level 1.8 nV/√Hz at 60 MΩ amplifier impedance
  • optional: ~4 nV/√Hz at 30 GΩ, ~20 nV/√Hz at ~5 TΩ
  • fifteen 18-bit ADC and five 20-bit DAC channels at 1 MSPS
  • Synchronized lock-in measurements of 15 signals on 3 frequencies (X, Y, DC)

Embedded lock-in system

... and our lock-in solution for industrial data acquisition where space and power consumption matters.

  • Small form factor 90mm x 51mm x 32mm
  • Power over ethernet, 12W
  • 8 ADC and 1 DAC channel, 16-bit 1 MSPS, ±2.5V full range
  • synchronized lock-in on 8 channels at 2 frequencies (X, Y, DC each)