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SynkTek was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Department of Physics at Stockholm University. Driven by the need for many synchronized lock-in channels at two harmonics with constant adjustment of amplitudes and frequencies for nanocalorimetry measurements Andreas Rydh started the development of a multichannel lock-in amplifier in 2005.

Subsequently, the system was used for many other experiments like multi-sample/multi-terminal transport measurements, generation-detection experiments, optical spectroscopy and more and more features and functionality were added with time eventually replacing most traditional instrumentation the the lab.

In 2015 the measurement system was commercialized with the support of the Innovation office of Stockholm University and Vinnova, Swedens Innovation Agency.

Andreas Rydh

Andreas is a Docent at Stockholm University. Since a postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory he is doing research on nanocalorimetry.

He is focusing on the software development, final assembly and calibration and is the chairman of the board.

Contact: andreas@…..com

Holger Motzkau

Holger did his PhD on transport measurements on high-temperature superconductors and is senior research engineer at Stockholm University.

He is responsible or the hardware development, electronics production and administration and acts as the CEO of SynkTek.

Contact: holger@…..com