BNC breakout

Key Specifications

  • 8 RJ45 breakouts to 4 single ended BNC each (BB-BNC32)
  • 8 RJ45 breakouts to 8 BNC connectors each (BB-BNC64)


The BB-BNC breakout box provides an easy BNC access to the 4 twisted pairs on up to 8 signal cables. In this way, experiments can be connected through BNC to an experiment or device under test. Alternatively, double RJ45 sockets on each of the 8 breakouts allow a daisy chaining between the MCL1-540 lock-in, breakout box and experiment connected through twisted pair signal cables. As a third option, the five signal cables from the MCL1-540 lock-in A-E can be patched using BNC cables to three twisted pair signal cables S1-S3 providing up to 24 signals.

The box exists in two variants: 32 connectors for single-ended access (4 BNC/RJ45), and 64 connectors for differential (8 BNC/RJ45).

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