SynkTek MCL1-540

SynkTek MCL1-540

Synchronized multichannel lock-in measurement system

The MCL1-540 is a multichannel lock-in amplifier system for the most demanding measurements. With its modular design, the system can synchronously measure up to 10 analog input voltages and 5 outputs currents. Each input has its own dedicated, low-noise preamplifier stage, enabling continuous measurements from nV levels to 10 V.

Even simple resistance measurements require a pair of lock-in amplifiers to measure both current and voltage precisely. The main advantage with the MCL1-540 system is its patented, all-through synchronization. If the measurements are synchronized both in frequency and time, the result will be immune to noise as well as changes in excitation amplitude or frequency. The result is ultimate performance.

The integration of all lock-in amplifiers and analog channels into a single measurement system provides several advantages. The system can easily be configured into advanced multi-harmonic measurement schemes. Outputs can combine DC and AC signals of desired frequency, amplitude, and phase, for differential current-voltage characteristics, generation-detection experiments, and demanding mixed-frequency setups. The integrated preamplifiers are aware of the excitation frequencies while the system is aware of the gains. The preamplifiers can therefore advantageously be set to auto-range, making even the most complex measurement easily manageable.

The system comes with all options and software included. New modules can be
easily added.

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Key Specifications

  • DC – 100 kHz (500 kHz)
  • 30 demodulators X, Y, R, θ & DC
  • modular system: up to 10 voltage and 5 current measurements
  • different input options:
    • low noise 1.8 nV/√Hz, ~1 GOhm
    • medium 3.7 nV/√Hz, ~30 GOhm
    • high impedance 18 nV/√Hz, ~TOhm

The MCL1-540 is our flexible lock-in platform for highest requirements in research and development.

  • Syncronized lock-in measurements of up to 15 analog signals, each with multiple frequency analysis and DC separation
  • All modules fully integrated and synchronized
  • Simultaneous sampling ADCs and DACs – no multiplexing
  • Integrated low-noise preamplifier stages with high input impedance – no need for additional preamplifiers
  • Up to 3 sets of demodulators with independent frequencies for each input and output signal. Each demodulator set including synchronous DC, X, and Y
  • ADCs seamlessly auto-ranging for sub-nV signals up to ±10 V range with 6+ digit resolution
  • Up to 5 modules
  • 19″ rack mount
  • 1000BASE-T Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface

Module features

  • 2 differential analog inputs + 1 analog output per module
  • up to 5 modules per system
  • analog input:
    • Full range ±10 V, pre-amplification 1 to 5000 in 12 steps
    • DC & AC-coupling, 0.2 Hz break frequency
    • 18-bit ADCs at 1 MSPS
    • Three different front-end amplifier options:
      • Noise level ~1.8 nV/√Hz at 1 GΩ amplifier impedance (typ. 15 nA input bias current)
      • Noise level ~4 nV/√Hz at 30 GΩ amplifier impedance (<1 nA input bias current)
      • Noise level ~18 nV/√Hz at ~5 TΩ (typ. 10 pA input bias current)
  • analog output:
    • 20-bit DAC at 1.33 MSPS
    • ±10 V, ±1 V and ±0.1 V full range
    • <10 nV/√Hz output noise at 0.1 V range
    • 50 mA output current
    • Integrated current measurement of output (full scales 50 mA/2 mA/100 µA/5 µA/250 nA)
    • Ground referenced & floating
  • Trigger/phase marker input & output

Lock-in features

  • Synchronized lock-in measurements of up to 15 analog signals, each with multiple frequency analysis and DC separation
  • Frequency range DC-500 kHz
  • Set of 15 lock-ins on arbitrary inputs and/or harmonics
  • Synchronous X, Y, DC, R and θ for each lock-in
  • Phase resolution 64 bit, integral resolution 96 bit
  • Option: 15 arbitrary harmonics
  • Up to 2 additional sets of 15 lock-ins on independent frequencies and time constants

Output features

  • Sine, square-wave, triangle, sawtooth
  • Frequency, amplitude, offset & duty cycle programmatically controllable
  • Demodulated signal output: X, Y, DC, R, θ
  • Options
    • Composite and modulated waveforms
    • Real-time feedback options
    • Additional frequencies

Other features

  • Waveform acquisition
  • FFT
  • Feedback loops


  • Control: 1000BASE-T Ethernet and USB 2.0
  • USB-host and SDHC card reader for data storage
  • Integrated web server
  • 40 W power supply, 60 W option
  • RJ45 (8P8C modular connectors) for analog signals


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